Monday, 14 February 2011


Hello ... My name is Yvonne Elson.I am a house wife and I have six children. I have started this blog in order to create a diary about a skin disorder called Psoriasis. I have had this condition since I was 11 years old, for just over 40 years now. I first came out in this condition when I was bitten by a dog. It wasn't the dog bite that caused it to flare up it was the shock of my little white sock covered in blood when I looked down. From then on my life as I knew it has changed. When I was a child I got ridiculed and called many names because I was covered in this skin rash. It was over most of my body and it didn't look very nice. It caused bright pink, raised lesions with white flaky scales which itched most of the time .I spent many months in hospital trying to keep it under control. It would go away for a few weeks then it would come back just as bad. This went on for many years until I had my first child and it seemed to just disappear while I was carrying, only to return after I gave birth to the baby.After I had my second child it came back very chronic over most of my body I was proscribed dithronol  which is a cream you apply to just the lesion also you were given tubular bandage to make a body suit which prevented  the cream going all over your clothes or on the bed linen. the only thing was the tubular bandage caused the cream to go onto my good skin and i was burnt over most of my body and I had to spend eight weeks in Hospital to get it under control .after this happened it would come and go for different periods of time, most of the time I just had it on my knees and elbows which didn't really bother me, until two years ago .In January 2009 my skin started to itch continually and get extremely hot this went on for about six weeks until I woke up one morning and I was covered from head to foot in psoriasis including the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands, I went to the doctors who referred me to a Dermatologist, who proscribed Dov-abet cream Which is a steroid based cream also ultra violet light sessions every other day for four months, the time I was in the light room increased by one minuet  every day until the end of my treatment.Then I was discharged from the hospital but was told if it should come back to go back to see them again. ..                                                                                                                                                             Now that I have given you a small introduction about my skin I will start my diary from tomorrow giving you up to date information about what is happening with my skin now also more information about what it is like to live with something like this from day to day . Looking forward to tomorrow bye   Yvonne Elson